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Qamar gula : O mea So na re So na re

ABCD reporter

Sexy pakistani girl in mixin studio...in Manchester 22-years-ol

Im Nin'Alu : Ofra Haza



Raga Multani : Rasme Ulfat ,Madan Mohan's beautiful composition in DIL KI RAHEIN

Raga Multani is among the 'big' Ragas, highly regarded by the afficionado of vocal music for its weighty mien and wide melodic compass. Although its basic swaric material is drawn from the Todi thAT - S r g m P d N - it carries no hint or trace of the Todi Raganga. Multani has a highly evolved and independent swaroopa all its own.

Source( http://www.sawf.org/ )

Madan Mohan's beautiful composition in DIL KI RAHEIN (1973) again seeks Lata: rasm-e-ulfat ko nibhAye -

Turkish Belly Dance - Elçin

Uyghur girls!

Another video from the same group of Uyghur girls! This time they're performing at the Grand Bazaar in Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Enjoy. *** Read more about Xinjiang at http://china.notspecial.org/

Three Uyghir cuties

ENJOY : Poking fun at Persian girls

These girls are poking fun at Persian girls who live in Iran; rather than the ones who live in America, says at their website .. enjoy this weekend


Waziristan da pokhtanoo watan

Khordadian - Persian dance

Aneela : Chori Chori